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About Us


At DR Risk Solutions, we specialize in Enterprise Risk Management. That means we help you drive corporate and shareholder value on a risk-adjusted basis by delivering management processes fully integrated into the strategic plan of your enterprise.


We have over 30 years of experience helping banks to manage risk. Led by Dan Rothstein, an expert in the field of risk management, we offer a wide range of services targeted at small and medium sized banks. 



Examples of previous work:


  • Construction of a complete Enterprise Risk Management System (“ERM”), which won sustained praise from regulators and the Company’s Board of Directors alike


  • Establishment of a complete Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program, including governance, disclosure, and the construction of the system of internal controls over financial reporting mandated by section 404, leading to clean audit opinions




  • Asset assessment

  • Compliance 

  • Information Security

  • Liquidity

  • Strategy

  • Operational Controls

  • M&A


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