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At DR Risk Solutions, we specialize in Enterprise Risk Management. That means we help you drive corporate and shareholder value on a risk-adjusted basis by delivering management processes fully integrated into the strategic plan of your enterprise.

Too many risk management programs are aimed at reporting risk levels or simply at compliance, and are viewed as a regulatory necessity. We see risk management as an integral part of strategy and value creation. We’ll help you leverage your current investment in risk management to enhance your economic performance.


We do this by creating useful tools to allow decision-makers to understand risk at all appropriate levels, balance risk and reward across your full range of activities, allocate resources, and establish risk tolerances, all aimed at improving your bottom line.


At DR Risk Solutions, we analyze enterprise risk levels across the following categories:

  • Financial Risk

                   Capital – the risk that adverse and unexpected events will lead to significant limitations on your operations and strategy

                   considering both regulatory and financial market requirements.

                   Liquidity – the risk of not having enough cash available to meet unexpected demands due to adverse  conditions or significant


                   Sensitivity – the risk that your capital and liquidity will be impaired due to significant, adverse changes in interest rates.

  • Credit Risk

                  We apply risk-adjusted performance and concentration measures across individual loan portfolios as well as the loan

                  portfolio as a whole on both a quantitative and qualitative basis. Appropriate – but not more than what is useful – granular risk

                  ratings are determined and applied to improve overall performance.

  • Operational Risk

                  We believe that both a bottoms-up and a tops-down approach are necessary to mitigate operational risk. While some financial

                   institutions apply highly sophisticated techniques to quantify operational risk, we believe that is not helpful for most financial

                   institutions. We construct systems that identify specific, granular controls, along with escalation and reporting systems to

                   protect against significant, unexpected losses. Key metrics are identified and measured to keep senior management and the

                   board informed on trends and emerging risks. Included in this category is the broad range of risks associated with oversight 

                   of third parties, including vendors and counterparties.

  • Legal, Compliance, Financial Reporting Risk

                   In this area we assess and consolidate legal challenges, changes in the compliance profile of the institution, and changes in

                   financial reporting requirements and the potential effects on perceived shareholder value.

  • Reputation Risk

                  We assess, accumulate and report on activities that may impair your reputation. We view thIs risk category both as a separate

                  risk element, which is consistent with the regulatory approach, and as an element of cost associated with other risk


  • Strategic Risk 

                  We assess this area by seeking answers to these simply stated questions: Are you doing, and planning to do the right

     things? Do you have the necessary resources to do what you want to do well? Do you have mechanisms to assess how you

                  are doing and the capacity to adjust as indicated?

                  In this final risk category we help bring the risk management process most fully relevant to a broad understanding of your

                  company's Enterprise Risk Management program full circle in a fully integrated way to drive your strategic plan and creation of

                  shareholder value.

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